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We use Famly to share your child’s learning journey at preschool with you. You can use the app to share information on your child, keep us updated with their likes and dislikes, allergies and what they have been doing at home. In return we share photos and observations of your child, as well as monthly newsletters and daily information.


If you are in receipt of Working Tax credits, you will be required to provide the Ofsted registration number for the setting your child attends.

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Ofsted Registration Number

Preschool: 2603028
Nursery: 2678543

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Parent Feedback

Parent feedback is always gratefully received. We work hard to do our best for your children while they are in our care it is always nice to hear from the parents that they are happy with the job we are doing. We are aware that feedback isn't always positive and we welcome this because we feel as though it provides us with the opportunity to review our settings when it is necessary, to make any positive changes in order to improve the environment.

Policies & Procedures

Our policies are found on site and you can request to read them or for a copy at any time. You will be notified with any changes in our policies via Famly. To request a full copy of our policies please email.


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